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Station «Hermes»
Artcle about creaion model the station «Hermes» from "Martian" in the http://make-3d.ru/
Station  «Hermes»

The Barbie and Hot Wheels maker gave Fortune an early peek at the ThingMaker 3D-printer, a system that allows kids and their parents to print action figures, jewelry, and wearables at home. The system is available for preorder on Amazon today but won’t ship until this fall. It should retail at $299.(en)

Mattel kicked off New York Toy Fair with a big announcement: the world’s largest toy maker is embracing the still-evolving 3D printing technology.

For most people, a run-of-the-mill DIY project might involve constructing that backyard shed they’ve always wanted or painting the bathroom. In the case of a YouTube user known simply as Derwood, he’d prefer spending his weekend 3D printing a working semi-automatic weapon; within the boundaries of the law, of course.(en)

This 3D-printed automatic gun is semi-automatic, untraceable, and totally legal

Chase Me combines the magic of film with the wonder of 3D printing. This short film follows a ukelele-playing girl who is chased through a dark forest by the monster that emerges from her own shadow.(en)

Filmmaker Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud spent two years 3D printing 2,500 parts to create each frame of the film. From the characters to the set, all elements were printed using the Formlabs’ Form 1+ SLA 3D Printer. Each precise detail comes together to form a beautiful representation of a magical world.

3D Printed Sculptures Look Alive When Spun Under A Strobe Light(en)

This series of 3D printed sculptures was designed in such a way that the appendages match Fibonacci's Sequence, a mathematical sequence that manifests naturally in objects like sunflowers and pinecones. When the sculptures are spun at just the right frequency under a strobe light, a rather magical effect occurs: the sculptures seem to be animated or alive! The rotation speed is set to match with the strobe flashes such that every time the sculpture rotates 137.5º, there is one corresponding flash from the strobe light.